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The Best of Australia Book

A hardcover book featuring over 200 full colour images.

In this gallery you can view sample pages of our beautiful hardcover book Best of Australia and the images contained within. The book makes a stunning gift for anyone who loves Australia and is perfect for travellers who want to remember the amazing diversity of our continent. The book features the work of six photographers and contains over 200 full colour images.

Dimensions: 296mm H x 220mm W x 35mm D (11½" x 8¾" x 1½") Weight: 2kg Cost: AUD$45 including postage to anywhere in Australia.

Featured photographers: Jean-Paul Ferrero; Jean-Marc La Roque; Jaime Plaza; Nick Rains; Becca Saunders; Mark Spencer

All images are available to purchase as individual items.

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Sample pages
Hancock Gorge 10132781 Hancock Gorge
Diamantina River 10887366 Diamantina River
Gosse Bluff, 10134891 Gosse Bluff,
Ningaloo Reef, 10130225 Ningaloo Reef,
The Candlestick, 10887462 The Candlestick,
Bell Gorge, 10887410 Bell Gorge,
Cathedral Gorge, 10887358 Cathedral Gorge,
Chambers Pillar, 10887348 Chambers Pillar,
Desert in bloom, 10887344 Desert in bloom,
Mount Brockman 10140161 Mount Brockman
Iron ore train, 10135090 Iron ore train,
Bauxite mining, 10132734 Bauxite mining,
Five Mile Beach, 10132685 Five Mile Beach,
Timber loading, 10132603 Timber loading,
Katherine Gorge, 10132291 Katherine Gorge,
Cloud forest 10128170 Cloud forest
Balls Pyramid, 10128164 Balls Pyramid,
Eucalypt forest, 10128089 Eucalypt forest,
Storm clouds 10126139 Storm clouds
Cape Raoul, 10116796 Cape Raoul,
Goyder Lagoon 10091867 Goyder Lagoon
Guide Falls, 10080932 Guide Falls,
Lake Gairdner, 10080874 Lake Gairdner,
Sand dunes, 10080832 Sand dunes,
Rainbow Valley, 10080808 Rainbow Valley,
St George Basin, 10079096 St George Basin,
A slot canyon, 10078823 A slot canyon,
Lake Oberon, 10078793 Lake Oberon,

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