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Created in 1987 by Catherine Deulofeu, the Biosphoto collection features unique prints of nature and the environment

Choose from 17,760 pictures in our Biosphoto Collection collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Flame lily (Gloriosa superba) Featured Biosphoto Print Collection Image

Flame lily (Gloriosa superba)

Flame lily (Gloriosa superba) a showy flower that is sometimes an ornamental plant, a noxious weed, an abortifacient and a treatment for smallpox, snakebite, and typhus amongst many other ailments. Native to Africa and Asia

© BIOS PHOTO/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Anthers, Climber, Climbing Lily, Colchicaceae, Colchicine, Creeping Lily, Dangerous, Deadly, Fire Lily, Garden Plant, Gloriosa Lily, Glory Lily, Lilies, Medicinal Properties, Multiple Uses, Noxious Weed, Ornamental, Plant, Poison, Poisonous, Stamens, Style, Tendrils, Tepals, Tiger Claw, Toxic, Weed

BIOS0972 Featured Biosphoto Print Collection Image


Adelie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) jumping off iceberg into sea, Adelie Coast, Antarctica, Islands in the southern oceans, Antarctica

© Roland Seitre-Bios/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Przewalskis horse (Equus przewalskii) Featured Biosphoto Print Collection Image

Przewalskis horse (Equus przewalskii)

Przewalski's horse (Equus przewalskii), mare and foal walking in limestone hills. Origin: steppes of Central Asia. Photo: Mejan Cevennes France

© BIOSPHOTO/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Animal, Asian Wild Horse, Breeding Program, Charismatic Megafauna, Conservation Success Story, Dzungarian Horse, Endangered, Equid, Equidae, Equus, Equus Caballus Przewalskii, Equus Ferus Przewalskii, Equus Przewalski, Eutheria, Fauna, Foal, Grassland Habitat, Hoofed, Horse, Mammal, Mammalia, Maned, Megafauna, Mongolian, Mongolian National Symbol, Mongolian Wild Horse, National Icon, Odd Toed Ungulates, Perissodactyla, Przewalskiõs, Reintroductions, Steppes Habitat, Stocky, Takhi, Wild Horse, Wildlife