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Images Dated 17th July 2014

Choose from 72 pictures in our Images Dated 17th July 2014 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Longnose sawshark (Pristiophorus cirratus) Featured 17 Jul 2014 Image

Longnose sawshark (Pristiophorus cirratus)

Longnose sawshark (Pristiophorus cirratus), underside, detail of mouth and nostrils. Total length: up to 1.35 m., of which over a quarter is the rostrum or snout. New South Wales, Australia

© Becca Saunders/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

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Inland freshwater crab (Austrothelphusa transversa) Featured 17 Jul 2014 Image

Inland freshwater crab (Austrothelphusa transversa)

Inland freshwater crab (Austrothelphusa transversa), in a tributary of Running River, Burdekin River catchment. Gives birth to live tiny versions of itself that can exist in an arrested state under the mother's abdomen for up to six months until rain comes. Adults can live in their metre-deep burrow for six years waiting for rain. Mount Zero-Taravale Wildlife Sanctuary, adjoining the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, North Queensland, Australia

© Wayne Lawler/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Smooth knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus laevissimus) Featured 17 Jul 2014 Image

Smooth knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus laevissimus)

© Greg Harold/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Animal, Australian, Central Australia, Desert Wildlife, Fauna, Gecko, Gekko, Gekkonidae, High Angle View, Inland Western Australia, Lizard, Nephrurus, Nocturnal, One Animal, Outback, Pale Knob Tail, Pale Knobtail Gecko, Pretty, Red Sand, Reptile, Reptilia, Sand Dunes Habitat, Side View, Spinifex Habitat, Squamata, Tubercules On Tail, Wildlife