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Images Dated 14th May 2019

Choose from 434 pictures in our Images Dated 14th May 2019 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Marine plankton (Dinophysis caudata) Featured 14 May 2019 Image

Marine plankton (Dinophysis caudata)

Marine plankton (Dinophysis caudata), division, magnified X 200. Dinophysis caudata is an armoured, marine, planktonic dinoflagellate species. It is a bloom-forming species associated with massive fish kills. It is commonly found world-wide in subtropical and tropical neritic waters

Binary Fission, Bloom Forming, Cells, Chloroplasts, Dinoflagellate, Division, Macrophotography, Magnification, Microscopy, Photomicrography, Protist, Reproduction, Single Celled, Toxic Species, Unicellular

A single-celled organism (Pramecium caudatum) Featured 14 May 2019 Image

A single-celled organism (Pramecium caudatum)

A single-celled organism (Pramecium caudatum), between 120 and 300 micrometres or 0.12 to 0.3 mm long, covered with tiny hair-like cilia for moving around and feeding. Magnified X 400

Aquatic, Brackish Water, Ciliophora, Freshwater, Macro, Macrophotography, Magnification, Marine, Parameciidae, Protist, Seawater, Unicellular

Protists (Trichonympha sp.) Featured 14 May 2019 Image

Protists (Trichonympha sp.)

Protists (Trichonympha sp.), that have a symbiotic relationship with termites, living in their intestines and breaking down cellulose in the wood and plant fibres that their hosts eat

Endosymbionts, Flagellated, Macrophotography, Magnification, Microscopy, Parabasalia, Photomicrography, Protozoa, Symbiotes, Trichonymphidae