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landscapes/rural/irrigated rice fields oryza sativa
Irrigated rice fields (Oryza sativa)
landscapes/rural/olive trees olea europaea
Olive trees (Olea europaea)
best australia book/cattle mustered
Cattle being mustered
landscapes/rural/stone house museum
Stone House Museum
landscapes/rural/stockman stockwhip
Stockman with stockwhip
landscapes/rural/ploughed wheat paddock
Ploughed wheat paddock
landscapes/rural/wind turbines hill whiteadder reservoir
Wind turbines on hill above Whiteadder Reservoir
landscapes/rural/drystone wall upland pasture
A drystone wall in upland pasture
landscapes/rural/flock dalesbred sheep ovis aries
Flock of Dalesbred sheep (Ovis aries)
landscapes/rural/quiet country road mixed woodland
Quiet country road through mixed woodland
landscapes/rural/cornflowers centaurea cyanus
Cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus)
landscapes/rural/rye brome bromus secalinus
Rye brome (Bromus secalinus)
landscapes/rural/common oaks quercus robur
Common oaks (Quercus robur)
landscapes/rural/trees hedges fields heavy snowfall
Trees, hedges and fields after heavy snowfall
landscapes/rural/orchard plum trees prunus domestica
Orchard of Plum trees (Prunus domestica)
landscapes/rural/tractor ploughing early morning
Tractor ploughing in early morning
landscapes/rural/morning mist eucalyptus trees
Morning mist and eucalyptus trees
best australia book/old sheepyards shearing shed
Old sheepyards and shearing shed
best australia book/agricultural land windmill
Agricultural land with windmill
best australia book/rural scene farmland planted vegetable crops
Rural scene of farmland planted with vegetable crops
best australia book/cattle musteringby helicopter
Cattle musteringby helicopter
best australia book/road train loaded cattle
Road train loaded with cattle
best australia book/stockmen separating calves heifers branding
Stockmen separating calves from heifers for branding
best australia book/cattle sheep stranded flooding broken river
Cattle and sheep stranded by flooding of Broken River
best australia book/aerial photograph potato fields
Aerial photograph of potato fields
landscapes/rural/aerial view kuptuwan village
Aerial view of Kuptuwan village
landscapes/rural/vineyard netted vines
Vineyard with netted vines
landscapes/rural/crop commercially grown onions allium cepa
Crop of commercially grown onions (Allium cepa)
landscapes/rural/apple trees blossom
Apple trees in blossom
landscapes/rural/bridstowe lavender farm
Bridstowe Lavender Farm
landscapes/rural/pool creek covered bridge built 1991
Pool Creek Covered Bridge, built in 1991
landscapes/rural/aerial photograph rice planters sunset
Aerial photograph of rice planters at sunset
landscapes/rural/interior historic shearing shed muggon station
Interior of historic shearing shed at Muggon Station
landscapes/rural/weathered timber fence
A weathered timber fence
landscapes/rural/villagers waking country road
Villagers waking along a country road
landscapes/rural/view farmland ocean
View over farmland towards the ocean
landscapes/rural/field ripening wheat
Field of ripening wheat
landscapes/rural/harvested hay gathered stooks
Harvested hay gathered into stooks
landscapes/rural/round hay bale harvested field
Round hay bale in harvested field
landscapes/rural/row rural mailboxes
Row of rural mailboxes
landscapes/rural/close view rice oryza sativa
Close view of Rice (Oryza sativa)
landscapes/rural/rice farms viewed air
Rice farms viewed from the air
landscapes/rural/mustering sheep motorbike
Mustering sheep by motorbike
landscapes/rural/orchard autumn foliage
An orchard in autumn foliage
landscapes/rural/cattle mustering
Cattle mustering
landscapes/rural/track pretty valley
Track to Pretty Valley
landscapes/rural/christ church 1869
Christ Church 1869
landscapes/rural/cathcart ridge estate vineyard
Cathcart Ridge Estate vineyard
landscapes/rural/poplar trees farmland
Poplar trees in farmland
landscapes/rural/mungo woolshed
The Mungo woolshed
landscapes/rural/farmland winter
Farmland in winter
The Pyramids
landscapes/rural/rounding cattle branding
Rounding up cattle for branding
landscapes/rural/view farmland mother cummings peak
View over farmland towards Mother Cummings Peak
landscapes/rural/pool farmland valley sheep drinking
A pool in a farmland valley with sheep drinking
landscapes/rural/rime frost covering arable farmland track hedgerow
Rime frost covering arable farmland, a track, hedgerow and trees
landscapes/rural/country road
A country road
landscapes/rural/farmland near scottsdale
Farmland near Scottsdale
landscapes/rural/commercial crop sweet peas flower lathyrus
Commercial crop of Sweet peas in flower (Lathyrus odoratus)
landscapes/rural/shearing shed
Shearing shed
landscapes/rural/tassaout valley
Tassaout Valley
landscapes/rural/track following fenceline edge field
Track following fenceline at edge of field
landscapes/rural/vineyards village winter
Vineyards and village in winter
landscapes/rural/smallholders working allotments
Smallholders working their allotments
landscapes/rural/ancient rice terraces
Ancient rice terraces
landscapes/rural/farmers working rice terraces
Two farmers working on rice terraces
landscapes/rural/newly ploughed wheatfields
Newly ploughed wheatfields
landscapes/rural/farmer inspecting crop canola brassica napus
Farmer inspecting his crop of Canola (Brassica napus)
landscapes/rural/country road curving farmland
Country road curving through farmland
landscapes/rural/tractor tracks crossing snow covered field
Tractor tracks crossing snow covered field
landscapes/rural/country church surrounded quaking aspens autumn
Country church surrounded by Quaking aspens in autumn foliage (Populus tremuloides)
best australia book/farming practices burning off stubble
Farming practices: burning off stubble
landscapes/rural/aerial vineyards
Aerial: vineyards
landscapes/rural/rural scene
Rural scene
best australia book/storm clouds
Storm clouds
landscapes/rural/mountain cattlemen leading horses creek
Mountain cattlemen leading their horses from creek
landscapes/rural/sheep feeding windmill
Sheep feeding under windmill
landscapes/rural/oxley river valley farmland
Oxley River Valley farmland
landscapes/rural/drystone wall meadows abundant wildflowers
Drystone wall between meadows with abundant wildflowers
landscapes/rural/rural landscape
Rural landscape
landscapes/rural/land cleared native vegetation originally mallee
Land cleared of native vegetation (originally mallee) for agricultural use
landscapes/rural/river red gums eucalyptus camaldulensis
River red gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis)
landscapes/rural/commercial cabbage crop brassica oleraceae
Commercial cabbage crop (Brassica oleraceae)
landscapes/rural/canola crop brassica napus
Canola crop (Brassica napus)
landscapes/rural/rural scene
Rural scene
landscapes/rural/rural scene
Rural scene