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Frans Lanting

Photographs by American photographer Frans Lanting

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landscapes/mountains/karst peaks
sea shore/surf beneath cloudy sky
animals/mammals/mountain lion puma concolor
nature design/plains zebra equus quagga
flowers fungi/frangipani plumeria obtusa
landscapes/forests/boreal forest
animals/birds/blue footed booby sula nebouxii
aerials/monument valley
aerials/escalante river
aerials/tana glacier
aerials/sandstone snow
aerials/na pali coast kauaai
aerials/barrier reef mount otemanu
aerials/flowering tree rainforest
aerials/lava flow volcano eruption
animals/reptiles/minute leaf chameleon brookesia minima
photographer galleries/frans lanting/hiker summit mount kinabalu
photographer galleries/frans lanting/001628 01
animals/mammals/bat eared fox otocyon megalotis
animals/marine mammals/sea otter enhydra lutris
animals/marine mammals/antarctic fur seal arctocephalus gazella
animals/birds/greater rhea rhea americana
aerials/eroded limestone pinnacles
photographer galleries/frans lanting/007483 01
landscapes/waterfalls lakes rivers/lagoons
landscapes/waterfalls lakes rivers/victoria falls
landscapes/waterfalls lakes rivers/meandering okavango river
landscapes/polar/shackletons gap
landscapes/polar/tourists visiting colony king penguins aptenodytes
landscapes/polar/grey headed albatross thalassarche chrysostoma
places/machu picchu inca ruins
people/herero woman
people/portrait vezo fisherman
people/old woman mask carved artist dreda diesing
people/woman carrying baskets pole
people/falconer horseback carrying goshawk accipiter sp
people/macaw researcher nieve guedes
people/woman taking goose market
people/tahitian woman riding bicycle
people/antandroy woman carrying iron head
people/hiker suspended canopy walkway
animals/marine mammals/sea otter enhydra lutris
animals/marine mammals/northern elephant seal mirounga angustirostris
animals/mammals/gemsbok oryx gazella
nature design/fossilised mammoth tooth
nature design/western gull larus occidentalis
nature design/balga grass trees xanthorrhoea preissii
nature design/cracked mud
nature design/cracked mud
flowers fungi/bracket fungi tree roots
landscapes/deserts/moonrise badlands
landscapes/deserts/aerial photograph desert spinifex
landscapes/forests/burned smouldering landscape forest fire
landscapes/forests/lichens scrub forest
landscapes/forests/subtropical forest
landscapes/forests/forest southern rata metrosideros umbellata
landscapes/forests/lowland rainforest interior
landscapes/forests/rainforest view granite mountains
landscapes/forests/rising mist atlantic forest
landscapes/forests/atlantic rainforest
landscapes/forests/lagoon dry season
landscapes/forests/cloud forest remnant
landscapes/forests/mossy cloud forest
landscapes/forests/road rainforest
animals/insects spiders/hairy caterpillar
animals/insects spiders/butterflies
animals/frogs toads/desert spadefoot toad notaden nichollsi
animals/birds/ostriches struthio camelus
animals/birds/blue bird of paradise paradisaea rudolphi
aerials/rainforest descending shore
aerials/cropland bordering rainforest habitat
aerials/monument valley
aerials/hippopotamuses hippopotamus amphibius
aerials/rainbow na pali coast
aerials/na pali coast
aerials/greater flamingo phoenicopterus roseus
aerials/rainforest city sprawl
aerials/desert sand dunes
animals/reptiles/parsons chameleon calumma parsonii
animals/reptiles/volcan alcedo tortoises geochelone vandenburghi
animals/reptiles/flap necked chameleon chamaeleo dilepis dilepis
flowers fungi/cup fungus cookeina tricholoma
landscapes/waterfalls lakes rivers/iguacu falls
animals/birds/great egrets ardea alba
animals/birds/emperor penguin aptenodytes forsteri
aerials/rainforest dawn
aerials/river channels chitina valley
aerials/crevasses mount st elias
photographer galleries/frans lanting/machu picchu urubamba river
photographer galleries/frans lanting/rain dropping birds nest fungi
animals/mammals/black leopard panthera pardus
animals/mammals/springbok antidorcas marsupialis
landscapes/polar/adelie penguins pygoscelis adeliae
landscapes/polar/atlantic puffins fratercula arctica
landscapes/polar/wandering albatross diomedea exulans
landscapes/mountains/hiker summit mount kinabalu
animals/marine mammals/southern elephant seal mirounga leonina
animals/marine mammals/northern elephant seal mirounga angustirostris
animals/mammals/leopard panthera pardus
animals/frogs toads/desert spadefoot toad notaden nichollsi
animals/birds/great egrets ardea alba
aerials/african elephant loxodonta africana