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Jean-Paul Ferrero

Photographs by Jean-Paul Ferrero, the founding photographer of Auscape

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people/photographer jean paul ferrero
Photographer Jean-Paul Ferrero
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/christmas island red crab gecarcoidea natalis
Christmas Island red crab (Gecarcoidea natalis)
objects/eternity plaque memory arthur stace
Eternity plaque in memory of Arthur Stace
festivals/christmas/poinsettia euphorbia pulcherrima
Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/bicentennial naval salute fireworks 1988
Bicentennial Naval Salute fireworks 1988
best australia book/open cut coal
Open-cut coal mine
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/eastern grey kangaroos macropus giganteus
Eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus)
best australia book/iron ore train
Iron ore train
best australia book/little henty river
Little Henty River
best australia book/gosse bluff
Gosse Bluff
best australia book/macadamia plantation
Macadamia plantation
panoramic images/termite mound vegetation
Termite mound and vegetation
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/magela creek wetlands paperbark swamp
Magela Creek wetlands, Paperbark swamp
best australia book/billabong mary river
Billabong on the Mary River
best australia book/nassau river 8 km gulf carpentaria crow flies
The Nassau River, about 8 km from the Gulf of Carpentaria as the crow flies, and roughly
best australia book/jacky jacky creek
Jacky Jacky Creek
best australia book/conical rocks point
Conical Rocks Point
best australia book/timber loading
Timber loading
best australia book/william creek roadhouse
William Creek roadhouse
best australia book/ningaloo reef
Ningaloo Reef
best australia book/pigeon island air
Pigeon Island from the air
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/corso manly nsw
The Corso, Manly, NSW
best australia book/cawndilla lake sunset
Cawndilla Lake at sunset
best australia book/sand dunes flood
Sand dunes after flood
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/king penguins aptenodytes patagonicus
King penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus)
best australia book/hill inlet mangroves
Hill Inlet with mangroves
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/tongue point hill inlet whitehaven beach
Tongue Point, Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/reinwardts pitcher plant nepenthes
Reinwardt's pitcher plant (Nepenthes reinwardtiana)
best australia book/balls pyramid
Balls Pyramid
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/kelpie canis familiaris
Kelpie (Canis familiaris)
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/camels camelus dromedarius
Camels (Camelus dromedarius)
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/red eyed crocodile skink tribolonotus gracilis
Red-eyed crocodile skink (Tribolonotus gracilis)
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/fireworks bridge
Fireworks on the Bridge
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/frilled lizard chlamydosaurus kingii
Frilled lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii)
animals/insects spiders/slender flower mantis toxodera denticulata
Slender flower mantis (Toxodera denticulata)
food/peas pisum sativum
Peas (Pisum sativum)
aerials/gordon river
Gordon River
aerials/lagoons different levels
Lagoons at different levels
sea shore/mangrove lined channel
Mangrove-lined channel
sea shore/malapacao island
Malapacao Island
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/charcutier smoking cigar slicing ham
Charcutier smoking a cigar while slicing ham
landscapes/mountains/mount liebig
Mount Liebig
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/garie beach north south era beaches
Garie Beach, north and south Era beaches
best australia book/cowan creek joining hawkesbury river
Cowan Creek joining Hawkesbury River
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/magela creek wetlands paperbark swamp
Magela Creek wetlands, Paperbark swamp
animals/australian wildlife/red collared lorikeet trichoglossus rubritorquis
Red-collared lorikeet (Trichoglossus rubritorquis)
best australia book/albatross island
Albatross Island
best australia book/mile beach
Five Mile Beach
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/victor harbor granite island
Victor Harbor and Granite Island
best australia book/byron bay lighthouse completed 1901
Byron Bay lighthouse, completed in 1901
best australia book/arnhem land escarpment northern territory
Arnhem Land Escarpment Northern Territory, Australia
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/city sydney drummoyne foreground
City of Sydney with Drummoyne in foreground
weather/rain clouds reaching coast
Rain clouds reaching the coast
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/ningaloo reef
Ningaloo Reef
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/mount tom price iron ore open cut
Mount Tom Price iron ore-open cut mine
weather/altocumulus cirrostratus clouds
Altocumulus and cirrostratus clouds
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/ningaloo reef
Ningaloo Reef
best australia book/frenchmans rock penneshaw 1803 explorer captain
Frenchman's Rock, Penneshaw, where in 1803 the explorer Captain Nicolas Baudin
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/red crowned crane grus japonensis
Red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis)
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/christmas island red crab gecarcoidea natalis
Christmas Island red crab (Gecarcoidea natalis) clinging to boulder
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/christmas island red crab gecarcoidea natalis
Christmas Island red crab (Gecarcoidea natalis)
best australia book/macona nara inlets hook island
Macona and Nara Inlets, Hook Island
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/black island langford island
Black Island and Langford Island
best australia book/cloud forest
Cloud forest
landscapes/waterfalls lakes rivers/jim jim falls
Jim Jim Falls
sea shore/delisser sandhills
The Delisser Sandhills
places/aboriginal rock paintings
Aboriginal rock paintings
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/mountain pygmy possum burramys parvus
Mountain pygmy-possum (Burramys parvus)
trees/myrtle beech nothofagus cunninghamii
Myrtle beech (Nothofagus cunninghamii)
nature design/agate polished section
Agate, polished section
aerials/goyder lagoon
Goyder Lagoon
aerials/vegetated sand dunes
Vegetated sand dunes
objects/pukumani poles
Pukumani poles
sea shore/cape pillar
Cape Pillar
sea shore/hummock island
Three Hummock Island
sea shore/swimmers sunbathers bondi beach
Swimmers and sunbathers, Bondi Beach
sea shore/open boat race
Open boat race
sea shore/coast vegetation variable groundsel senecio
Coast vegetation: Variable groundsel (Senecio lautus)
sea shore/north coast kangaroo island south australia
North Coast, Kangaroo Island, South Australia
sea shore/christmas island red crab gecarcoidea natalis
Christmas Island red crab (Gecarcoidea natalis)
sea shore/wood pile hook island
The ‘Wood Pile', Hook Island
sea shore/pompey complex reef new sandy cay formation
Pompey Complex, reef and new sandy cay in formation
trees/snow gums eucalyptus pauciflora
Snow gums (Eucalyptus pauciflora)
landscapes/deserts/desert bloom annual yellowtop desert heath myrtle
Desert in bloom: Annual yellowtop, Desert heath myrtle (Senecio gregorii Thryptomene
aerials/coober pedy
Coober Pedy
aerials/spinifex carpet
Spinifex carpet
sea shore/tritons trumpet charonia tritonis
Triton's trumpet (Charonia tritonis)
aerials/big lagoon aerial photograph 1200 metres
Big Lagoon, aerial photograph from 1200 metres
landscapes/forests/woman hoh rainforest
Woman in Hoh Rainforest
best australia book/ocean swim race surf life saving carnival
Ocean swim race, Surf Life Saving Carnival
best australia book/long tailed dunnart sminthopsis longicaudata
Long-tailed dunnart (Sminthopsis longicaudata)
best australia book/red river gums eucalyptus camaldulensis
Red river gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis)
best australia book/sample pages/best australia pp vi vii
Best of Australia pp vi-vii
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/thomsons gazelles eudorcas thomsonii
Thomson's gazelles (Eudorcas thomsonii)
photographer galleries/jean paul ferrero/icebergs rain
Icebergs in the rain
landscapes/mountains/eroded sandstone western edge arnhem land
Eroded sandstone on western edge of the Arnhem Land Escarpment
landscapes/mountains/frenchmans cap 1443 m
Frenchmans Cap, 1443 m
landscapes/mountains/daguilar range foothills
D'Aguilar Range foothills
landscapes/mountains/aerial view nickel mines
Aerial view of Nickel mines


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