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Terry Whittaker Gallery

Nature and wildlife photographs by English photographer Terry Whittaker

Auscape is proud to off this collection of prints taken by Terry Whittaker, whose awards include Honourable Mentions and Highly Commended in European Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Wildlife Photographer of the Year and category wins in Bird Photographer of the Year, British Wildlife Photographer of the Year and The British Photography Awards.

Choose from 800 pictures in our Terry Whittaker collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Large flying fox (Pteropus vampyrus) Featured Terry Whittaker Image

Large flying fox (Pteropus vampyrus)

Large flying fox (Pteropus vampyrus), hanging from branch during the day. The largest species of bat: wingspan up to 1.8 m; feeds on fruits, flowers, nectar, pollen and leaves. Southeast Asia

© Terry Whittaker/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Animal, Asia, Asian, Bat, Chiroptera, Colonial, Durian, Ecology, Eutheria, Fauna, Flying Fox, Forest, Fruit Bat, Gigantic Flying Fox, Greater Flying Fox, Kalan, Malaysian Flying Fox, Mammal, Mammalia, Megabat, Megachiropteran, Near Threatened, Nocturnal, Pollinnators, Pteropodidae, Pteropus, Rainforest Animal, Roosting, Southeast, Suspended, Wildlife, Wing, Wrap, Wrapping

Gibsons albatross (Thalassarche gibsoni) Featured Terry Whittaker Image

Gibsons albatross (Thalassarche gibsoni)

Gibson's albatross (Thalassarche gibsoni), in flight. Believed by some to be a subspecies of Diomedea antipodensis, a recent split from D.exulans. Kaikoura, New Zealand

© CopyrightÃJan-Peter Lahall/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Boats, Coast, Hol, Scottish, Tourism, Travel Destinations, Water

Northern gannet (Morus bassanus) Featured Terry Whittaker Image

Northern gannet (Morus bassanus)

Northern gannet (Morus bassanus), in flight with nesting material in beak. Saltee Islands, Ireland, United Kingdom

© Terry Whittaker/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Airborne, Animal, Atlantic, Aves, Bass Rock, Bird, Boobies, Britain, British Isles, Carrying, Cliff, Colonial, Diver, Fauna, Fish Eater, Fish Eating, Flying, Gannetries, Gannetry, Gannets, Irish, Long Winged Seabird, Migratory, Monogamous, Morus, Nesting, North, Piscivores, Plunge Diver, Protected, Seabird, Solan, Solan Goose, Solant Bird, Sula Bassana, Sulidae, Suliformes, Uk, Wildlife