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Images of the charismatic Tokay Gecko with it's amazing colours and patterning

Tokay geckos are nocturnal lizards that live in Southeast Asia. They get their name from the loud ‘tokay’ call the males make during mating. They are a noisy gecko and will also click, squeak and bark. The second largest gecko species, males grow to 35 centimetres long and can weigh up to 300 grams. They are solid looking with large heads, bulging eyes and big rounded pads on the ends of the splayed toes. Their colour and patterning is amazing; their base light grey-blue colour is covered in polka dotted spots of red-brown to bright orange, red and yellow. As with other geckos, they can change their colour slightly to suit their surrounds.

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JML04894 Featured Tokay Gecko Image


Tokay gecko (Gecko gecko) on white background. Named for its loud bark. Has adhesive toe pads to let it move easily over vertical walls & tree trunks, even glass. Grows to 25 cm., Originates in Southeast Asia

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Even Glass, Grows To 25 Cm, Has Adhesive Toe Pads To Let It Move Easily Over Vertical Walls And, Named For Its Loud, Named For Its Loud Bark, Tokay Gecko Gecko Gecko On White Background, Tree Trunks