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vintage historical/vivien leigh clark gable gone wind scene 1938
vintage historical/ca 1944 portrait carmen miranda
vintage historical/1940 painting pinup girl called atail winda
vintage historical/1939 sally rand combines hand stand splits
vintage historical/1927 policeman contemplates latest style bathing
vintage historical/1927 members elkettes wives elk members
vintage historical/ca 1938 young woman modelling fashionable beach
vintage historical/1950 young man woman modelling zebra print bathing
vintage historical/ca 1935 bathing beauties adrienne dore mae
vintage historical/july 4 1939 bathing suit fashion
vintage historical/1932 young woman seated cigarette hand
vintage historical/ca 1926 silhouette young woman lighting cigarette
vintage historical/ca 1968 busy young woman answers telephones
vintage historical/ca 1929 young girl tunes console radio
vintage historical/march 1973 young woman raft holding ship shore
vintage historical/ca 1899 early experimental tuned circuit
vintage historical/1947 majestic 7p420 portable radio
vintage historical/1947 majestic 8fm776 console radio
vintage historical/1947 majestic 5ak711 radio
vintage historical/ca 1905 portrait actress lillian russell
vintage historical/1941 portrait actress jane russell
vintage historical/1941 portrait actress hedy lamarr
vintage historical/ca 1950 photograph woman wearing stockings seams
vintage historical/1940 photograph pinup girl
vintage historical/1947 cowgirl climbing donkey backwards
vintage historical/ca 1955 small boy imitating faterhas pose
vintage historical/1953 actress kathleen hughes promo came ou
vintage historical/1938 young sisters taking dog cat ride t
vintage historical/1952 toy poodle named waldorf sitting mistressas
vintage historical/ca 1932 ice dancer outdoor skating rink
vintage historical/ca 1930 portrait dorothy sebastian skater hockey
vintage historical/1929 portrait marie bard poster girl red cross
vintage historical/ca 1935 young woman learning iron shirt supervis
vintage historical/ca 1960 ad photograph nescafe
vintage historical/ca 1960 fasion photograph woman modelling polka
vintage historical/ca 1955 fashion photograph woman modelling pencil
vintage historical/1931 upbeat lively passenger boards matson liner
vintage historical/1947 fashion photograph woman modelling tennis
vintage historical/1936 fashion model posing white summer suit
vintage historical/ca 1915 cheeky woman beach wearing barrel
vintage historical/1950s fashion mannequin inset image unclothed
vintage historical/1940 young woman modelling nylon stockings
vintage historical/1938 postmaster general mrs harry new wearing
vintage historical/1932 man woman wearing matching checked jumpsuits
vintage historical/1920 young women dressed matching costumes
vintage historical/1946 young woman modelling piece bathing costume
vintage historical/1950 young woman modelling silk swimming costume
vintage historical/1972 blonde model posing tri kini
vintage historical/1972 model sharon harvey posing 2000 black diamond
vintage historical/young woman modelling bathing suit 1910
vintage historical/1921 police officer beach checking length bathing
vintage historical/1920s studio photograph young woman posing fashionable
vintage historical/1920s women modelling fashionable beach wear
vintage historical/1929 alice nikitina posing beach stylish bathing
vintage historical/1961 fashion photograph models wearing business
vintage historical/1920 cats waiting milk milking time
vintage historical/1927 dancer agnes boone
vintage historical/1948 fashion portrait model wearing hat
vintage historical/1954 fashion photograph female models wearing
vintage historical/1943 painting pinup girl called athe sport
vintage historical/francisco haro
vintage historical/hms beagle straits magellan
vintage historical/vintage portrait nude woman looking surprised
vintage historical/fundraising leaflet produced american red cross
vintage historical/1926 photograph female members chicago athletic
vintage historical/1923 portrait leon trotsky
vintage historical/photochrom print sutro baths san francisco ca
vintage historical/movie actor james dunn 1901 1967 armful cats
vintage historical/john van ryn united states playing 1928 davis
vintage historical/vintage photograph 128 woman modern kitchen using
vintage historical/letter young woman
vintage historical/mushroom cloud formed first hydrogen bomb explosion
vintage historical/ca 1933 young woman exercising indoors using
vintage historical/ca 1936 women modelling fashionable bathing
vintage historical/1922 portrait young woman seated pedestal smoking
vintage historical/ca 1940 ad photograph lucky strike cigarettes
vintage historical/ca 1930 toddler enthusiastically holds phone
vintage historical/1923 jock monkey listens scopes trial verdict
vintage historical/ca 1931 promotional photograph yehudi menuhin
vintage historical/1939 mrs paul mcnutt cook kitchen
vintage historical/ca 1880 hand tinted portrait young african american
vintage historical/ca 1950 young girl watching mirror mother does
vintage historical/1944 woman room arlington farms
vintage historical/ca 1930 woman modelling fashionable ski outfit
vintage historical/ca 1931 actress judith wood nee helen johnson
vintage historical/ca 1934 actress dorothy gulliver 1908 1997
vintage historical/ca 1926 portrait silent film actress ethlyne
vintage historical/1926 new york society matron daughter relaxing
vintage historical/ca 1955 family scene mother pouring milk young
vintage historical/1936 ad photograph monarch ovens
vintage historical/ca 1938 actress lillian bond 1908 1991
vintage historical/1936 fashion model posing dog wearing elegant
vintage historical/1947 underwater fashion photograph model wearing
vintage historical/1926 actress afiammaa posing costume water p
vintage historical/1910s silent screen actress lillian biron posing
vintage historical/1920 ad image uncle sam truss company
vintage historical/1951 ad image fragrance foundation
vintage historical/1911 bathers waters atlantic steel pier
vintage historical/1936 couple served cocktails board imperial airways


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