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Aardvarks to Zebras, a comprehensive selection of animal images

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VEK00271 Featured Animals Print


Hooded vulture (Necrosyrtes monachus) small group feeding on dead pig.Semien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

© Michael van Ewijk/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Accipitridae, Aves, Bald Head, Birds, Birds Of Prey, Carrion Eater, Carrion Eating, East Africa, East African, Eating, Falconiformes, Garbage Collector, Raptors, Scavengers, Scavenging, Simien Mountains, Vultures

Double drummer cicada (Thopha saccata), Australia Featured Animals Print

Double drummer cicada (Thopha saccata), Australia

Double drummer cicada (Thopha saccata), on tree trunk. With wings about 60 mm long, Australia's largest, and loudest, cicada. Queensland and New South Wales, Australia

© Densey Clyne / AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Australian, Cicada, Cicadidae, Delicate, Hemiptera, High Angle View, Homoptera, Insect, One Animal, Rear View, Transparent, Wildlife

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Kari Kari cliff plunging 200 metres to the ocean side of Rano Kau volcano, with the three islets where the birdman ritual took place (entailing a perilous swim to/from the islets), Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Chile

© Oriol Alamany/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Kari Kari Cliff Plunging 200 Metres To The Ocean Side Of Rano Ka