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Images Dated 17th November 2015

Choose from 543 pictures in our Images Dated 17th November 2015 collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Fringeflower (Schizanthus sp.) Featured 17 Nov 2015 Image

Fringeflower (Schizanthus sp.)

Fringeflower (Schizanthus sp.) in flower in a basket in a garden. To ensure that visiting insects get covered in pollen the plant explodes pollen from the anthers when an insect lands on it. Origin: Chile and Argentina

© BIOS PHOTO/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Blooms, Butterfly Flower, Dehiscence, Flowering, Flowers, Garden Plant, Herbaceous, Ornamental, Plant, Pollen, Poor Man, Poor Man Is Orchid, Poor Manís Orchid, Poricidal, S Orchid, Solanaceae

Yacon strawberry (Polymnia edulis) Featured 17 Nov 2015 Image

Yacon strawberry (Polymnia edulis)

Yacon strawberry (Polymnia edulis), a plant in the daisy family grown in the Andes for its crisp, sweet tubers that can weigh up to a kilo. Infusions from the leaves have beneficial prebiotic and antioxidant effects. Origin: Andes, Colombia to northern Argentina, South America

© BIOS PHOTO/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Andean, Asteraceae, Edible, Food Plant, Garden Plant, Medicinal Properties, Peruvian Ground Apple, Plant, Polymnia Sonchifolia, Roots, Smallanthus Sonchifolius, Yacon

Swamp foxtail grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides) Featured 17 Nov 2015 Image

Swamp foxtail grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides)

Swamp foxtail grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides), clump in a damp corner of a garden. It is a weed, or potential weed, in some parts of Australia. Origin: tropical Asia, and Queensland to southern New South Wales, Australia

© BIOS PHOTO/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Asian, Australian Native, Cenchrus Purpurascens, Chinese Pennisetum, Clump Forming, Dwarf Fountain Grass, Feathery, Flowerheads, Fountain Grass, Grass, Grasses, Invasive Where Introduced, Ornamental, Plant, Poaceae, Weeds